Nerina Pallot’s birthday, artist-ism and studies

For today’s post I’m going to link you to this lady I am a fan of, because I want to give credit where credit is due. Here:


(I hope this link works. Please do tell me if it doesn’t.)

Because yes, Nerina, yes your wonkiness does speak to me. And this was just another piece of wonky, because (as chance would have it, because I became a fan when my family saw you support another musician and my dad bought all your albums) I am currently in my reading week at that same university, studying the same course (according to the all-seeing eye of Wikipedia, at least), currently trying to sweat blood into a poetry collection having just worked out what I’m doing(ish); simultaneously trying to write essays (actually mostly trying to write essays at the moment to be quite honest), AND trying to maintain ordinary relationships and work a normal job, because I do quite like this living-in-a-house, eating-food stuff.

Being so busy I don’t have enough time in the day to make a cuppa is killing me with mental numbness and tiredness and fog, but I haven’t been physically tired and mentally excited in a while. This morning when I walked to work, I felt good, I felt ready to go. I felt like I wanted my purpose back. Maybe it’s just that the sleeping pills are working. Maybe I realised that there’s only one of those things I can walk away from. You told me what I needed to hear this morning, and I’m grateful.

Happy birthday. I hope you get a filofax. Keep putting your secrets in the songs. x

(Here’s the same lady singing round the corner from my old house, the one I lived in when I decided to get real and live alone in a garret and read and write to my heart’s content. It did not last.)


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